Bee and bee equipment suppliers, local and commercial

SBA does not endorse a particular supplier. Information has not been verified. It is up to the buyer to do their own due diligence. View supplier website and/or contact directly for details and current information.

A list of bee suppliers is available for download here.

Local suppliers
Synder's Apiaries
4747 Norrisville Rd
White Hall, MD 21161
Phone: (410) 329-6671
We are a family owned beekeeping operation, located in White Hall Maryland, that started out in 1980 with 3 hives of honey bees purchased at a farm auction. We have since added many more hives and added the sale of beekeeping supplies, package bees, queens, candles and many other bee related items.
The extraction and bottling operation features minimal handling to maintain high quality standards. The honey is only heated enough to pump and strain, not to the temperatures commonly used in the processing of supermarket honey. The result is a full-bodied taste, preserving all of the God-given and healthful properties of natures oldest sweetener.
Miller Bee Supply
12920 Eastern Ave
Essex, MD 21220
Phone: (410) 335-3424
Temporary Phone: (410) 335-5879
Bees & Queens, Hive & Woodenware, Tools, Bee Suits/Protective Clothing, Honey Extractor & Honey Room or Medication
Hives and Woodenware: All woodenware manufactured at Miller Bee Supplies is cut from green heart poplar or white pine logs.
Forest Hill Woodworking
1985 Mine Road
Paradise, PA 17562
Phone: (717) 806-0193
POC: Ike
Forest Hill Woodworking is an Amish Family owned business operated in the Village of Nickel Mines in Paradise, PA. Started in 2005 as a cabinet shop along Forest Hill Road in Leola, PA by Ike and Esther Zook, and since 2008 has been a beekeeping supplier and manufacturer.
Ike has been a beekeeper since 2000 and as a boy, was taught many woodworking skills by his grandfather. Working in other woodworking shops and also in a machining and welding shop has helped bring the quality to Forest Hill Woodworking that our customer have come to expect.
Commercial Beekeeping Suppliers
Mann Lake
Blue Sky
Glory Bee