The science of bees

Bees have fascinating behavior, biology, and genetics, and beekeeping attracts curious and thoughtful people. This is the perfect scenario for making meaningful observations and doing useful experiments.

Scientific literature is not a series of truths; it is a journal of the process of discovery. Any snapshot of "the state of the art" needs healthy criticism before putting any of the ideas into practice.

Honey Bee Health Coalition

The Honey Bee Health Coalition has extensive outreach, education, and research efforts, including dedicated efforts to improve the tools available to beekeepers. Their guide to tools for varroa management is redistributed here.

Scientific Beekeeping

Randy Oliver maintains a website dedicated to thorough and thoughtful discussions of the evidence supporting beekeeping practices, including scientific literature. He maintains an extensive and growing archive of articles that he has written about bees and beekeeping.

Is this a bee, a wasp, or a hornet?

Consult this very handy guide to bees and wasps to learn about the amazing variety of these insects, worldwide.

PubMed: search the literature

Search PubMed, one of the largest repositories of scientific articles. Many articles are open access, and those that are not can often be obtained by contacting the first or last author.

Example searches:

General honey bee articles

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