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American Bee Journal - Jan, Feb , Mar 20162016
American Bee Journal - Apr, May, Jun 20162016
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Art and Adventure of BeekeepingAebi, Ormond & Harry
Basic Beekeeping: Starting your first hive (DVD)2010
Bee Equipment EssentialsSimon, Ed
Beekeepers Lament, TheNordhaus, Hannah
Beekeeping Basics (1)Penn State
Beekeeping Basics (2)Penn State
Beekeeping Basics (3)Penn State
Beekeeping for Dummies, 4th editionHowland Blackiston2017
Beekeeping in MarylandOdlum, Melanie1984
Beekeeping: A complete owner's manualMelzer, Werner
Beekeeping: Beyond the basics (DVD)2011
Bees in America: How the honey bee shaped a nationHorn, Tammy
Beeswax: Production, harvesting, processing, productsCoggshall, William L.
Buzzin Bees (VHS)
Diagnosis of Honey Bee DiseasesShimanuki, Hachiro1991
First Lessons In BeekeepingDadant, C. P.
Following the Wild BeesSeeley, Thomas D.2016
Garden Plants for HoneybeesLindtner, Peter
Getting Started in BeekeepingWaring, Adrian & Claire
Hive and Honey Bee Revisited: an annotated update of L. L. Langstroth's beekeeping classicHoopingarner, Roger
The Hive and the Honey BeeGrout, Roy A. (Ed.)1954
Honey Bee Biology and BeekeepingCaron, Dewey
The Honey BeeGould, James and Carol
Honey Bees & BeekeepingDelaplane, Keith S.1996
Honeybee BiologyFree, John B.1982
Honeybee DemocraySeeley, Thomas D.2010
Honeybees and Beekeeping (VHS), Part 1University of Georgia
Honeybees and Beekeeping (VHS), Part 2University of Georgia
Increase Essentials: Nuclei, management, winteringLawrence, John Connor2014
Increase Essentials: Nuclei, management, winteringLawrence, John Connor2006
The Joys of BeekeepingTaylor, Richard1974
Making MeadMorse, Roger A.
Observation Hives: How to set up, maintain and use a window to the world of honey beesWebster, Thomas1999
Pennsylvania BeekeepingClarke, W.W., Jr.
Plants and beekeepingHowes, F. N.
Queen RearingLawrence, John Connor
Queen RearingLaidlaw, Harry H.1950
Queen Rearing Essentials, 2nd ed (1)Lawrence, John Connor
Queen Rearing Essentials, 2nd ed (2)Lawrence, John Connor
Robbing the Bees: A biography of honeyBishop, Holley
A Short History of the Honey BeeReadicker-Henderson, E.
Simple Smart BeekeepingTraynor, Kirsten S.2015
Storey's Guide to Keeping Honey BeesSanford, Malcom
Swarm Essentials (1)Repasky, Stephen J.
Swarm Essentials (2)Repasky, Stephen J.
A Year's Work in an Out-ApiaryDoolittle, G. M.