Photos from SBA events and members

Pat Endres' newest mentee, Bella

Early Spring at Dennis Hertzog's apiary

Spot the queen!

Another queen

And another queen

Witch Hazel in bloom, February 9, 2021

Honey from Pat Endres

Festive honey

Happy Holidays!

A small portion of our Young Beekeeper family

Late swarm that was hived in a nuc with a feeder and pollen substitute (P. Endres)

Bees on milkweed (photo by D. Hertzog)

Bee on thistle (photo by B. Greenlee)

SBA young beekeepers cut up comb honey

Young beekeepers grafting queens

Young beekeeper with honey frame. Dennis Hertzog and the SBA young beekeepers extracted over 800lbs of honey!

Young beekeepers with frame to extract.

Lina, one of our successful young beekeepers, and her new dog, Honey!

Claudia Hertzog showing off a swarm (photo by D. Hertzog)